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Moms (and Mamas, to be!), you’re exhausted and while exercise seems nice, a nap and a warm cup of coffee seems easier.

I hear ya. Sleep deprivation can be a real asshole.

You are worried about nap times, meal times and the laundry, ohhhh the laundry, it never ends. Best to just stay home and get shit done. Right? Maybe not.

Been there. Tried that. It never goes as planned.

But the list of things to do doesn’t actually get shorter because sleep deprivation hinders productivity.

You make it to the end of the day, your spouse comes home, maybe your other children and pets too but you are SO DONE. You’ve been managing allllllll the things and now when you have a moment in the evening to yourself, you’ve got nothing left. So you mindlessly scroll social media and head to the pantry to eat ALL THE FOOD because you are so DANG hungry and then crawl into bed still not having done anything that’s REALLY for you. Sound familiar?

Instead, how would it feel to be energized again?

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To feel supported by a bunch of other women who get it?

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To feel strong and confident in your postpartum body. Bucket seat, three bags and a stroller to carry? No problem, we train for that.

To be able to bring your children with you?

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What if you could do something for yourself so that you could have the energy to cross more things off your to-do list each day?

What if you could have the support of a coach who can help you overcome common symptoms we experience postpartum like feeling weak in our core, a flat bum, or leaking?

What if there is a way to: Be a great Mom AND feel like the BADASS MAMA we KNOW we are.

This is so possible.

Just so you know, you ARE a great Mom. What you are doing right this second, it’s good enough. Heck, it’s freaking great. I need you to know that by doing something for you does not negate all the great things you do for your family. In fact, it elevates them because you can be more present to enjoy them. You can have energy to do your task list AND relax AND eat AND have a nap if you want one AND actually desire moving your body. Your postpartum body is changed. It is different. And it’s amazing. Let’s honour your body by elevating it through exercise.

Mom Strong.

semi-individualized group fitness training. It takes you from overwhelmed and depleted, a shadow of your former self, to EMPOWERED, STRONG AND CONFIDENT. A giant to do list, a cranky babe, stubborn incontinence, low energy and mom guilt has NOTHING on MOM STRONG.

Momming is damn hard. And while I don’t have all the answers, feeling strong and connected to your body AND being part of a supportive community is the ticket to an empowered postpartum period. Join us.

Photo by: Photos by Carla

Photo by: Photos by Carla

I am Michelle Coels. Welcome to MomSTRONG! As your women’s fitness coach, I am here to support, educate, encourage and cheer you on as you gain strength and confidence through fitness. My training is as an exercise physiologist with specialty in women’s health, pregnancy and postpartum athleticism, diastasis recti and pelvic health. I believe women to be resilient, strong, capable and adaptable and I am here to walk alongside you in your journey in fitness and as a Mom. Whether you are seasoned in fitness or new we welcome you to our community. Come move with us!

Step into your potential and create an empowered postpartum experience.

You are worth it.

We are with you.


6 available classes each week:

  • Monday’s @ Emerald Park Fitness: 10:30

  • Tuesdays @ Mettle: 9:00 and 10:15

  • Wednesday’s @ Emerald Park Fitness: 10:30

  • Thursday’s @ Mettle: 9:00 and 10:15

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