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Did you finally take the plunge and follow your passion, start your dream career with the intention to have more freedom to do more things you love and instead you feel burned out and have to choose between time with family and time working on your health?

  • Are you an entrepreneur feeling overwhelmed and exhausted from the constant hustle in business?

  • Do you suffer from an afternoon energy slump leaving a long “to do” list?

  • You struggle through work all day then spend the evening getting things done, leading to staying up late and hitting snooze in the morning?

  • You feel resentment towards your spouse and friends who get to leave work at work?

  • You often wonder if your passion will be enough to keep you afloat. Is it enough? Is it worth it?

I Hear you loud and clear.

This used to be me. I had trouble growing my business and finding balance. Even being in the fitness industry I had trouble completing my training. My “all or nothing” mentality left me feeling exhausted, burned out leading to resentment of my business and too tired to feel present or enjoy my evenings with my children and husband. I couldn’t keep it up. Too many exhausted nights left me wondering if I had made a mistake. I found myself scrolling the job pages. I felt shame and disappointment. Deep down I believed in my business but I knew something had to change. And so I found a way. A way that allows me the freedom I desired in business and the drive to know I am worth the effort.

Do you desire energy and focus in your work and life so you can be creative and productive?

How would you like to revitalize your energy with quick and efficient workouts in a group of women who get you and the struggle of balancing life and business?

Do you want to see your productivity soar and have enough energy left over to play with your kids and actually have a date with your spouse or best friend?

Do you want to look forward to workouts rather than dread them and easily incorporate movement into your day on a regular basis?

This IS possible.

In our new program - Energized Entrepreneur - I will help you experience the power of short, impactful strength and conditioning training in a motivating group setting. It will take you from burned out and resentful to productive and focused.

Surround yourself with female entrepreneurs who can help you elevate your business, step up your game and realize that you can be a badass business babe AND take care of your health.

A perfect balance is not necessary but you can run a business AND love your life, too.

You can do this.

We can help.

What to expect from Energized Entrepreneur:

  • easily help you incorporate workouts back into your day to help you feel strong, confident and energized by committing to two 40-45 minutes group fitness training classes per week

  • help you create a plan for movement throughout the week to keep the benefits of your training via mini movement interruptions (less than 5 minutes) provided on the private FB page or directly to your phone

  • create a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who get business and are there for accountability and support

  • increase your creativity and productivity by taking advantage of a natural lull in energy in the afternoons and transform your bottom line

  • improve your mood and remind you of why you started this business in the first place

  • master your productivity so that you aren’t spending your evenings finishing your “to-do” list

  • sleep better at night knowing you did all the things you needed to do

  • let your drive in the gym transfer into the drive in your business


$205/month + GST monthly membership

BUT I want to reward fast and confident action. The women who know they are worth the effort, the time, the investment. It’s time for you. I am awarding the amazing women ready to say “Hell yes” to themselves TODAY. You can get in on Energized Entrepreneur for $175/month + GST for the first three months.

Classes run 2 times per week on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 2:05-2:50 at OPEX Fitness. EE starts in MAY!

Hit the HELL YES! button below and send us a message to reserve your discounted spot. There are only 5 discounted spots available. Registration is open now. Let me know you are in. You’re worth it.

As your coach, I will be at the gym on time and ready to help motivate you, help you through a challenging but achievable training session leaving you feeling energized and ready 100% to take on the remainder of your day.

As a participant, I expect that you just come. Show up for yourself. Show up for the other female entrepreneurs. The first couple times might be hard. I want you to come ANYWAYS. Creating a habit around movement takes consistent practice and in time it will be easier. Just show up - once you are there - I will support you through the training session. We are all in this together. Join the community of strong women building each other up.