Hey ya’ll - I want to start giving some of my amazing clients some spotlight here on most Friday’s because they deserve to shine!

First up: Meet Karen House!


Training with Michelle since: 2009

Current service she follows: Remote Fitness Programming

What she has to say about this program: “I love the personalized remote training that Michelle develops. The program makes me accountable to my training, which is the most important factor in my success. Michelle plans workouts that I have a comfort level with, but they also challenge me in ways I never could have imagined. I’m never bored of my workouts, and really love swearing at Michelle through my comments”

Karen is a total badass in the gym. She is the epitome of dedication. She consistently shows up, does the work and works hard to better herself inside and outside the gym. She has mastered the art of knowing that “good enough” can be great. She challenges her abilities and respects her body and unapologetically knows when to take an additional rest day.

We asked her a few fun questions, here are her answers:

  1. What’s your superpower? I am resilient AF. and 2 - I can bake a mean cake, and have been told that my buttercream icing is the best they’ve ever had.

  2. Where will we find you when you’re not training? Drinking coffee, brewing kombucha, crafting, sewing, baking and re-watching my favourite movies and TV shows (Love Actually, Step Mom, Parks and Recreation, Friends, New Girl, HIMYM)

  3. Favourite lift or movement in the gym? This changes as my routines change but I love deadlifts and split jerks. Currently I look forward to bench press and testing my supinated narrow pulldowns.

  4. Current fitness goal? My overall goals are to be active and healthy - but currently I’m making positive gains in my upper body and strength and LOVING IT! Not only can I see my arm and back muscles growing, I just feel f-ing strong!

  5. Who’s your biggest inspiration? Honestly, Michelle ( @onetoughmamafitness ) has been an inspiration to me for the past 13 years - I wouldn’t have made it through Anatomy and Physiology classes without her as a study buddy (ha!). Her knowledge, non-judgemental spirit, support and hunour make her a phenomenal trainer. Her desire to advocate for the health of others (especially Moms) is incredibly inspiring. Also, Michelle ( @michelleokere ) from @keyfitnessgroup motivates me each day. Her IG stories reflect her positive attitude and reiterate that everyone, no matter their size, strength or ability, can achieve success through fitness and health eating.

Karen, you inspire the hell out me. It is my pleasure to be on this fitness journey yelling “YASSSSSSSS! CRUSHED IT!” while simultaneously doing a happy dance, fist bumping and dropping some “Hell ya’s” along the way. Keep doing you, girl!