One Tough Mama on Taking on the CrossFit Open Workouts

It’s Open season! 18.1 has been released. The excitement is palpable.

I have not participated in the Open for several years. In fact, I haven’t participated in CrossFit in several years. I miss it. Every year when the open is on, I feel a bit sad being a spectator. This year I am 3 months postpartum, just out of the fourth trimester, as the 2018 CrossFit Open kicks off. I am not registered for MANY reasons but I still want to do the workout.

What I have found since working with postpartum women, and understand myself, is the deep desire to do the things you used to. We miss the community, the rush, the intensity, the feelings of accomplishment EVEN when we know that postpartum is forever and requires healing, rehabbing and retraining. So while I am still in the late rehab, early retraining phase this postpartum I make sure to include some “fun” elements (what’s fun is totally subjective) into my training. So for me, that includes some PVC or bar only OLY lifting, some KB training at low volume and now an extremely modified version of the open WITH friends.

So what will 18.1 look like for me? A scaled, scaled version.

The prescribed scaled version for my age is:

20 minutes AMRAP

8 Hanging knee raises

10 Dumbbell clean and jerk (20#)

12 calorie row

The most important modifications:

-Rather than going balls to the wall, I will be moving with intention and strategy.

-I will use this workout to scratch the “itch” but also for retraining.

-Ego will be checked at the door. There is no room for that shit in this season of my life.

Movement specific modifications such as subbing Wall ball slams for hanging knee raises and limiting my range of motion in rowing since my core is just not ready for it. COULD I do it scaled without modifications. No doubt. SHOULD I? I think not.

When having to modify certain movements I remember what Antony Lo says: “Not forever. Just for now”.

And I wholeheartedly believe in doing WHAT YOU CAN WITH WHAT YOU HAVE in that moment.

Will it be frustrating? Absolutely.

Will I feel disappointment? Likely.

Driven by FOMO much? Without a fucking doubt.

But I am walking the walk and that includes sharing that despite KNOWING BETTER and therefore DOING BETTER sometimes scaling and modifying still sucks but you do it anyways for LONGEVITY in movement and training.


Michelle Coels