Individualized REMOTE COACHING: 

Individualized prescription of fitness programming based upon goals and current fitness abilities. This program strives to create balanced fitness that suits your lifestyle. Programs are delivered via distance (online) format using TrueCoach software which allows for seamless communication with your coach. Up to 4 days per week of programming made just for you. Can be designed for training at home or at a gym or studio of your choice. Initial programming is delivered within 5 days of the onsite assessment and evaluation.

Please contact us to set up a discovery call to further discuss your Remote Fitness Coaching needs.

Initial 12 week program cost: $749 + Tax

Subsequent 12 week programs: $599 + Tax

**Payment plans are available.


Do you need extra help to make sure you are doing your remote or RECONNECT programs correctly? You are desiring some support and encouragement in your pregnancy and postpartum movement plan? We’ve got you. Via skype or facetime we can address the immediate concerns you have and help you move forward confidently with a plan.

30 minutes - $95


1 on 1 training based upon your desires, needs and goals. Completed in the One Tough Mama Home Studio. 

1 session - $135

5 sessions - $500

12 sessions - $1080 (must be used within 3 months of first session)

24 sessions - $2040 (must be used within 6 months of first session)

**Payment plans available - contact Michelle @ for more details)**


A program based upon your unique needs and goals - this option is great for individuals who feel confident to follow their program without distance or in-person support. Programs are designed to last about 8 weeks, at which time are usually updated to ensure continued improvements. An onsite or remote assessment is required (~45 minutes prior to program creation). Whether you want to workout in the gym or at home, we've got you covered!

$479 + Tax

CORE CONFIDENCE Strategy Consult

Do you feel disconnected in your body? You are distracted by leaking during workouts or when you laugh, sneeze or cough? You feel limited by back pain, prolapse or a weak core? Maybe you’ve graduated from pelvic floor physical therapy but still don’t feel quite like yourself?

What if I told you there was a way to reclaim strength and confidence in your body? That you are resilient and capable and there is so much hope and help?

What if you could move your body in ways that you love without symptoms? That you could make progress in minutes and not weeks? That we could move beyond our self-limiting beliefs and write a new story? Your pain, leaking, prolapse or ab separation does not define you.

You are a strong, determined and resilient woman. Let us help you experience and realize your power within. Let’s have your physical strength match the strength you hold in your heart and soul.

Let’s take your “I can’t” to a confident “Yes, I am able!”

You ready to move forward and take back the control?

Send us a message today.

$225 + Tax

**Includes 60 minute onsite consult at the One Tough Mama Home Studio and 2 follow ups via E-mail to help you with accountability.